Assignment One – great blogging experience

Thinking.Picture1-for-Thinking-Thursdays (1)Well my thoughts about blogging, tweeting, face booking etc, hmm actually it is only because of this assessment that I created a twitter and wordpress blog account. While I already had a facebook account I  still felt a bit reserved in taking part or joining the crowd in the exploration of social media. However I must say, while privacy and shyness are the very few reasons I didn’t  like to do this, i do feel great now that I have been blogging and learning more about social media tools and how they can really help!

Initially it took me a while to get my head around the different styles and tools and widgets etc that  you can use to enhance your blog appearance and experience. I couldn’t understand what the dashboard does and how to set the widget or make up my mind on the theme page to choose 🙂   Using Word Press has been great! And I am eager to learn more and continue to learn the different setting and explore the tools that helps with blogging.

My Checklist for this assignment:

  1. Welcome page – check
  2. About Me – check
  3. Regular ,dated entries  – check
  4. Archive –  check
  5. Contact – Response/Feedback/Leave a note – check (feedback on “About” page)
  6. Custom menu with (sub)categories – check  
  7. Add icons to publicise your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin, and Yahoo!, – check
  8. Site map – semi check 🙂
  9. Use of Widgets (i.e., Display a hit/view counter on your blog via using the Blog Stats Widget) – check
  10. Claiming your blog through Technorati (search engine for blogs – allows you to use Technorati services to increase your blog’s visibility). – check

Considered reflections that describe your experiences in creating, editing and using your blog  – check – the 4C’s
Considered reflections, learning and opinions on the concepts and issues covered over weeks 1-5.

Bonus marks will be allocated to those students who exhibit Cook’s 4Cs, Communication, Connection, Cooperation and Collaboration – check.

I plan to do more blogging and participate in more social media expeditions to help me keep up with the latest.

Thank you all who “liked” and commented on my posts.


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